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Walter is always super helpful and accommodating. I've taken my V60 to Swedish Volvo multiple times, for a purchase/safety check, a weird fuel canister issue, and to replace the AC evaporator. Always top notch service. I highly recommend Walter and his team to provide technically competent and caring service.

Gene T.

I am really glad I found this place. The service manager Walter is very friendly and he genuinely cares about the work that is done, a quality that is so hard to find these days! The price is super reasonable and you get a detailed itemization of all work done on your invoice, together with recommendations for future service. The place specializes in Volvo cars, so it is definitely my new go to place for the family Volvo. Thanks Walter!

Aart B.

Walter 8s the most genuine mechanic I have ever met. Not in it to get rich, always just trying to take care of the customer.


Volvo's aren't the most common cars and with that comes even fewer mechanics who really know them well. Walter not only knows these cars well but is incredibly honest about what you do/do not need.
Also, if you're a Volvo fan his parking lot is a great place to spot some incredible cars.

Sean H.

Hands down the best Volvo service shop in the Bay Area. Walter and his team are very skilled, thoughtful, and trustworthy. I know that here my S60 will be diagnosed and fixed properly, quickly, and at a very reasonable price. I can't recommend them enough. Also, once I had an electrical problem that they couldn't fix and Walter sent me to the most incredible auto electrical guys ever (Total Auto Tech). I like knowing that, if needed, they will send me to someone equally great. Go here, they deserve your business.


I called Swedish Volvo Care for a second opinion on what I was being told by the Volvo dealer @ Stevens Creek regarding repair costs and general dealership shenanigans. In short, I wish I'd never purchased those useless extended warrantee/protection plans things from the dealership, and instead could bring my Volvo XC90 here for servicing and repairs due to the honesty of the people who work here, better prices, and faster service.

Joshua S.

This is a really good shop. Walter is very knowledgeable and he is more than glad to explain all the details to his clients. As long as we have our XC90 we will be bringing it here when work is needed.

Jim H.

Highly recommend bringing your Volvo here! I had brought my S70 in for a brake light question & the gentleman actually took the time to understand the problem & literally got his hands dirty right then & there to fix the problem & explained to me what it is. He said he can offer to fix it but also wasn't pushy like others that want you to use their shop. I was in an accident with the car & he offered shops & companies that might carry the replacement parts I needed. Offered to pay him for the help & he said it was his pleasure & refused the money. (Left it anyways) but don't see that kind of service too often anymore! Thanks again

Brandon W.

The first service leaving the dealership, and I should have done it sooner. Service was easy to schedule. Walter was great to work with and the work was reasonably priced. Will be back!

Liz O.

I have nothing but praise for these guys. They might charge more per hour than standard mechanics but there is NO SUBSTITUTE for having a specialist work on your car. They see Volvos day in and day out and they KNOW every single problem point and trouble area. The "cheaper" mechanic I was going to previously racked up hundreds in experimental maintenance that failed to fix two problems, so I took it to Swedish Auto Service instead. They knew exactly how to fix one problem and fixed the other one (an emissions error code) with a new gas cap. Seriously, a gas cap seal was causing a problem that had totally flummoxed my previous mechanic, and thanks to their experience they were able to solve it quickly and cheaply.

Karen A.

Really happy I took my S60 here. Very knowledgeable about all the quirky things that happen to Volvos and Walter is really nice.

Jackson W.

Walter could have sold me a "new everything" A/C system, but wanted to check it out first and see what I actually needed, potentially saving hundreds.

Eric J.

Walter takes care of you. He explains exactly what needs to be completed. The work is always first-rate.

Daniel G.

They were honest and helpful. They even fixed my mirror for a price lower than what other places were quoting me.

Monique N.

Walter is the greatest - Fair, honest and knowledgeable, and detailed.

Joe W.

Good service i.e took the time to explain the issue, fixed the issue promptly and at the agreed price. Nice people.

Dan F.

I would not let anyone else touch my Volvo. These guys are the best!!

Matt S.

They treat my mother-in-law and her car like royals!

Louie C.

Great service, highly knowledge, fair and honest.

Yvette B.

Great service. Trustworthy.

Erik S.

Walter is a great guy.

Nikolai M.

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Barbara P.

One of the last businesses with true honesty, integrity, and old-school customer service. My experience taking my Volvo to Walter was impeccable. He informed me of issues to take care of in order of importance, without ever pushing or trying heavy sales techniques. Told me in detail all work taking place, with associated costs. There is nowhere else that I will take my Volvo and recommend the same to all other Volvo owners. 5 stars indeed!

Jon C.

This past weekend, I packed up my Volvo XC 70 and headed out on vacation with friends. Two minutes into our journey, a friend asked if she could get something out of the cooler in the back of the station wagon. We stopped and (gasp!) could not open the gate! We found Swedish Volvo Care and pulled in. A man named Walter and his colleague (whose name I didn't get) greeted me in the office. I asked them for help. (It would have been a terribly inconvenient thing to arrive at our destination and not be able to unload the trunk.) Walter and his colleague dropped what they were doing and came out to take a look at the back hatch. They diagnosed the problem and fixed it in two minutes flat. We were back on the road in five. Thank you to Walter and his colleague! They were kind, responsive, and knowledgeable! Highly recommend!

Heather S.

Love Walter's service. Been a loyal customer for years. Absolutely the best independent Volvo shop in South Bay.

Jason X.

I had taken my car to the dealer for a 95k checkup. When I was at the dealer, I had complained about a noise the engine was making too since the last service with them. The dealer didn't even try to address the noise problem and I simply was not confident that they did a good job.
Two weeks later, my check engine light came on. I shopped around and found this place. When I dropped the car off, I did not mention the noise.
Walter was awesome. He diagnosed the problem and outline the solution in an easy-to-understand way. They fixed the problem quickly and upon returning the car he mentioned the noise the dealer had ignored and said I should look at it for the next service, that it was most likely tensioner bearings.
Walter gave me the impression that he cared deeply about the quality of his work and most importantly the quality of my ride.
I will be going here again!

William O.

Walter and the staff at Swedish Volvo Care are awesome! So happy I have found a good mechanic -- no more going to the dealership and worrying about random charges. I actually take my car here even though oil changes are covered under warranty at the dealership. Just the peace of mind is worth it.

Danish S.

When Volpar closed, I needed a new place to take care of my Volvo. Walter to the rescue! His shop does great work on the standard services and quickly triaged strange my fuel pump issues.
More recently, he had to tackle a harder challenge with my brake system. Long story short, he sourced the very hard-to-get part and took care of the issue.


Walter is amazing!! Having a reliable and safe and caring auto shop to go to make our lives so much more relaxed. I highly encourage you to utilize the services at this great shop. Thank you, Walter.
We are a customer for life.

Seth T.

I took my mom's 2002 Volvo in for maintenance. This shop is very honest and reliable. They specialize in Volvos. They even fixed the right headlight for free! Highly recommended repair shop if you have a Volvo.

Huang P.

I drive all the way down from SF whenever my Volvo needs work because Walter and his team are the best! They're knowledgeable, thorough, and always do excellent work. If I could give them more stars, I would. (Bonus tip: Check out South Winchester BBQ if you get hungry while in the area)

Kristine H.

Swedish Volvo Care is the very best Volvo service care around. Walter can just listen to the vehicle and know what is wrong! He is the most honest and caring service provider I have ever known. He stands behind his work and makes things right no matter what. Both service techs that work in the shop are extremely knowledgeable. I'm moving away and one of the things I'm going to miss the most is my Volvo service team!! Walter & team is the BEST!!

Kathy R.

Like all the other reviews, 5 star! Walter will take care of you and your Swedish brick. Online scheduling is fast and efficient.

Retro I.

My 2003 Volvo XC 70 developed a loud clunking noise on the front suspension. I spoke to Walter at Swedish Volvo Care he diagnosed the problem as worn control arms. Within 24 hours of our conversation, my car was in completely repaired for less than half of what he quoted. I am extremely happy with the service I received and give them my highest recommendation.

Andy H.

Having a Volvo it's been hard to find mechanics, and not be extremely expensive like dealerships. Everyone here is so helpful and nice. Saved me thousands of dollars.

Amanda K.

I brought in my 2007 XC90 to Swedish Volvo Care with all kinds of noises that I have been dealing with for a while. My XC90 has been thru thick and thin with my family, it is started to feel a little weaker and complain regularly (noises) in recent years ... until Walter and his team made it right in just a single day. Noises are gone and it drives so much better. Walter is a wonderful guy, honest, and simply wants to do it right for his customers. My XC90 will only be serviced by Walter and his team from now on.

Chee C.

I've taken five Volvos here over the last 20 years ('90 780 Turbo, '91 245, '97 850, '99 C70, '99 V70R) and wouldn't consider taking them anywhere else. The 850, in particular, runs smoother and more powerfully today than it did when it was brand new (135K miles ago). Walter and his team know the cars and how to keep them running at their best. I especially appreciate that they don't just repair -- they educate as well. And when it's something they can't do themselves, they're upfront about it, give me the best possible referral, and coordinate with other shops to solve whatever the problem may be.

Kennedy B.

After 14 years of dealership-only service, I decided it was time to stop spending so much money on maintaining and repairing my car.
I am the original owner of a 2005 Volvo S40. I took it in for the 157,500-mile service and to have a heater hose replaced. Also had another problem diagnosed, which turned out to be nothing. Walter took good care of me. He was good at explaining everything to me and assured me that some of the problems I was having were no big deal.
I needed a rental car so Walter called Enterprise and they came to his shop to pick me up. Since many auto shops in the area give Enterprise business, they have discounted rates for customers. Save about $30 over 2 days.
The lights for my gauges were starting to fail. Since they were LEDs integrated into a circuit board, it was beyond their ability. Walter referred me to an electrical specialist who works on mostly Volvos. I also asked for a referral for upholstery, and he had a great recommendation for me. So far I have been impressed with their work, too.
I highly recommend this shop! I found them on Yelp. They had the best reviews, so I gave them a try. I absolutely don't regret it.

Janice G.

Walter worked really hard to help get my Volvo wagon taken care of. He gave me options as to what needed to be done and when. I think his prices are very competitive with other Volvo repair shops.

Barbara P.

Very honest, upfront, friendly, and thorough. Walter really explained everything and was the first Volvo Specialist that was able to find the problem with our Volvo. He puts himself in your shoes and has very honest recommendations. If you have a Volvo, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Steve S.

I always used to go to the Volvo dealers to get the maintenance done. After moving to San Jose and taking my 2008 s40 to the Volvo on stevens creek, I decided to look for a good mechanic. I found and read about Walter on yelp and I took my Volvo for a 90,000 mileage service. After inspecting it, Walter called me to tell me what was going on and said my Volvo is too far away from that service with the current reading of 76,000. I just ended up doing an engine oil change. He told me when to come back, what to look out for and whether it would be cost-effective to do the repairs when the time comes up. Not only Walter was honest, but he was also straightforward, exceptionally knowledgeable, and passionate about Volvo cars. I highly recommend Walter.

H K.

This is a true experience. Sitting in the Citibank parking lot in the pouring rain with Walter putting in a new battery for my car. Called and asked him for assistance as my car would not start. He walked me through trying to get it to start and then drove here with a jump starter to get it to the shop. No luck. He just brought the battery and replaced it so I did not have to wait as I had an appointment. This is his normal kind!!! Above and beyond service. He is truly one of a kind THANK YOU !!!!!! Walter, you are truly a generous soul. He is always honest and you can count on him to tell you only what needs to be done!

Sue P.

I spoke with Walter about a problem I was having with my 2000 S-40 Volvo. The passenger windshield wiper would not work. He explained to me over the phone how to fix the problem. After a few minutes, I called Walter back thanking him for his kind and generous advice, without charge. Walter is one of a kind with a true appreciation of helping others "the old-fashioned way".

Al J.

The gentleman here is very nice and caring. I've been here twice with a couple of items that turned out to be very minor. Both times a gentleman (Walter? ) and once with his manager thoroughly looked over my Volvo. They spent a little time but because they turned out to be minor things they did not charge me anything. The latest, they loosed a wire for me that I was having trouble with. He even let me know that my coolant reservoir was a bit low, he just looked about to make sure things were good as far as he could tell. They are very professional and everything I imagine you would want from a mechanic. Whenever I have bigger issues or need someone to perform reliable service, I will be bringing in my car here and would recommend them hands down to anyone with a Volvo.

Mark M.

I want to take a moment to write a sterling recommendation for Walter and Swedish Auto Repair. I had a broken headlight and it was fixed in record time but that is not why Swedish Auto Repair is from this point forward going to be my repair place for my beloved Volvo. Walter was so incredibly courteous, expedient, knowledgeable, and just plain out-of-the-park awesome. As a single Mom, I really have to be careful about every penny and I know that Walter and the mechanics at Swedish Auto will never steer me wrong. Thank you again, Walter and Swedish Auto for everything. You are truly the best. VOLVO DRIVERS! Don't take your cars anywhere else but here!! Best Regards to everyone at Swedish Auto, especially Walter!

Nia O.

Took good care of my daughter's Volvo 850, diagnosed it quickly, and repaired same day despite being busy. I work for a Volvo dealer on the peninsula, not in service so I appreciate the honesty and care they took. Thank you, Walter, I will spread the word you are Volvo people. Keep up the good work.

William N.

Walter is very knowledgeable about cars and his staff is kind and efficient. I highly recommend coming here. They provide high-quality service at good prices.

Katina B.

What fantastic service. The first couple of times I stopped by here were for very small things -- I needed help replacing one of my headlight bulbs, and the second time I had scratched up my tire and wanted an opinion on whether it needed to be replaced. In both of these instances, Walter dropped what he was doing, stepped outside, and helped me on the spot, for no charge.
Walter is professional, super friendly, and very knowledgeable -- I feel really good entrusting him with the care of my C30. :)
To top it all off, the price of regular service has been super reasonable, especially when compared with the official Volvo dealerships.

Jake B.

Love Walter's service. Been a loyal customer for years. Absolutely the best independent Volvo shop in South Bay.

Nic S.

I wanna give a big bravo and thank you to Walter, Patrick, and Amando. My 2010 XC90 has been making some clunking noise when I made a hard turn at slow speed. I brought my car to them this morning after reading all the great reviews about this shop. I am so glad that I did. Walter and Patrick were very patient to gather the info from me and answered all my questions. Amando identified the issue and resolved it quickly. The price was very reasonable, and the service was awesome. The repair even comes with a 2-year warranty. These guys really know Volvo very well, and I definitely will bring my XC90 back to them for the next service/repair. Glad that I found another honest and knowledgeable mechanic shop that I can trust.

Yao C.

Simply the best Volvo shop in the Bay Area. Probably the best independent shop I have encountered ever. They are honest, fair priced, and stand behind their work. I can't recommend Walter and the team at Swedish Auto Service more highly.

Andy A.

The customer service is amazing! They are extremely nice and that's all I want in auto service. I don't know anything about cars and I hate it when I go to a some car guy who speaks condescendingly to me because something was wrong with my car that I didn't know. Reminds me of that episode from Seinfeld. But Swedish Auto Service is nothing like that, they check EVERYTHING that's wrong with my car and no BS.

B-Rai B.

I love Walter. He knows Volvos, inside and out. I brought my 2001 V40 in because kept stalling while idling. He tried and tried to repeat the problem, but couldn't. He called me and said it could only be one of two things, or possibly both, causing the problem. He explained the fix was $750 including parts and labor, and if that did not fix my problem he would honor the $750 toward additional work instead. I have not had a stalling incident since. Great service.

Kristen I.

This was my first time there & Walter took good care of me. He was upfront about everything & didn't pressure me into any repairs. He was willing to work with me on the cost of repairs. He also took care of little things @ no extra charge. I will be taking all my Volvos there from now on!!

Billy C.

Had to take my car in to confirm an oil leak so I could get the dealer I bought my car from to fix the darn thing. Walter was very welcoming and diagnosed the car very quickly. His repair center is very well organized and they even have a parts department too, good to know for the future!

Sean O.

You can read in another review that I have been really loyal to another shop until Volvo-specific items come up for our S60. When that happens, we make a beeline to Campbell and have the car diagnosed and serviced there. I must say that they are kind to us, despite taking the car for fluid and regular lighter service to the other shop.
The entire staff is competent, from the phone to reception, and then speaking to the mechanics. The fees are very fair, especially for getting things repaired right on the first try. We have dropped the car off with a burnt-out signaling lamp & forgotten to mention it, but gotten the car back with the light replaced and no fee. There are some nice, courteous touches like that here.
They get five stars for taking our concerns so seriously, for good execution, and follow through.

Whittaker C.

It pays to go to a specialist!
I had been going back multiple times to the nearby tire and repair place, and after the 3rd problem, decided to take it to Swedish Auto Service instead. I should have just gone here in the first place because NOTHING compares to taking your car to someone who has seen cars just like it day in and day out. For one problem, they said "They just did A and B? You need to replace C and D at the same time." And the problem was solved! For a small leak, the tire/repair place wanted to rent (and charge me for) a smoke machine to trace it, but SAS said "Let's try replacing the gas cap first, that usually works." And sure enough, it did! I would have saved SO much time and money if I had just come here first.

Karen A.

Absolutely the best Volvo Service Center around! Brought my 2005 V70R to Walter to replace the 4C Suspension, tie rods, etc, and a 105,000-mile service. The installs and service were done quickly and flawlessly. When given my invoice I was ecstatic to see how much I saved compared to a Dealership's prices. I will ALWAYS take my Volvo here for anything it needs. Walter knows his stuff and his work certainly reflects it.

Mike V.

I have been going to Swedish Auto Service for about 16 years. They have serviced my 3 Volvos: a 1987 240 sedan, a 1988 240 station wagon, and a 1998 V70. I just purchased a 2006 V70 and they will be servicing that as well.
During that time, the ownership changed but the quality of the service remained the same. The mechanics at Swedish Auto really seem to know their Volvos well. I always felt that Swedish Auto was honest and fair in their pricing for repairs.
When Swedish Auto Service fixes something, they usually hit the nail on the head the first time. Often they invent creative ways to diagnose and isolate a problem to a specific component. They always warranty their work as well.
I regularly meet people in the lobby who have been going to Swedish auto for many years because they have been very pleased with the quality and fairness of the service.
If you need to drop off your car and get a ride to your job, they have a service that will accommodate you.
The service they offer, in fact, goes above and beyond the call of duty. I told Walter I was going to sell my 1998 V70 because I had bought the 2006 V70 and Walter says he might know another customer who could buy my older V70. They went through the trouble of making multiple calls to the customer so we could arrange for them to see the car. This type of personal touch is why I keep returning to Swedish Auto Service.

Wayne W.

I had a car that I was considering fixing and after finding out that the car had repairs outside of what I wanted to do I decided to sell it. I was going to have it detailed and some repairs are done. Swedish Auto, gave me honest feedback that, although did not make them money showed me the character that this auto repair company has. They are the best auto repair company I have ever had the pleasure of connecting with. If you own a Volvo and want honest, hardworking, great people/mechanics working on your vehicle look no further -Swedish Auto Service is by far the best! I dealt with Walter and could not give a better reference- 5 stars all the way!

Jennifer L.

I am new to the area and needed a reliable, trustworthy Volvo mechanic to address an urgent service issue, and thankfully I found Swedish Auto Service on Yelp. First, thank you to my fellow Yelp reviewers, I took my Volvo to Swedish Auto Repair based on your reviews and I couldn't be happier with the service that I received. Walter quickly diagnosed the problem and because I was leaving town the same day, he made it very convenient for me to leave my car to be repaired and pick it up when I returned from my trip. The service was excellent, the pricing was fair, and my car is running like new. Thank you Walter for the great service!

Robert R.

After I read Yelp's review, I thought I should give it a try. Good decision!! Walter was so nice. There were several problems with my XC90. Walter suggested to me what needed to be done right away and what I could wait for another 6-12 months to just not spend too much money at once. I really appreciated his honesty. After a month from my first visit, I had to visit him again. But I was pleased he took care of my car quickly so that I didn't have to miss the last Warriors championship game!! Thank you, thank you!! I will be your customer as long as I drive Volvo!

Shiho P.

First time to Swedish Auto - brought my 2012 S60 in for its 120,000 major services (timing belt, water pump, belts, etc.). Walter was extremely friendly, helpful, and upfront about everything. Didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need - you got the feeling they simply have your car's best interest in mind and want you to return as a happy customer. They stand behind their work - the warranty is very generous - and are probably the best independent shop I've ever been to. I'll be back.

Matt G.

I feel like I've been owing them a 5-star review for a very long time.
My family has been coming here for as long as we've had Volvos and have always been more than pleased with the results.
One quick anecdote: While driving through Fresno, I hit a bump and lost my drain plug and four liters of oil all over the highway (not their fault - they don't change my oil). I called SAS and spoke with the owner, Walter. He overnighted me the following: a drain plug, a new filter, and some solvent to clear out any of the havoc that driving without oil might've caused... and he did it for free. No cost.
I can't tell you how loyal I feel to this business, but they earned every bit of it.
Prices are on the expensive side of fair and the staff is friendly and competent.

Sean L.

Walter, the owner, is everything you'd want in a human being, much less your auto mechanic. Humility, honesty, sincerity, and friendliness are just a few of his outstanding characteristics, not to mention ethical and competent. I've never had a "Friend" as a personal go-to auto mechanic before I met Walter. I've been going to Swedish Auto for over 15 years. I've never doubted Walter's commitment to keeping my Volvos and my family safe. His friendly and very capable support staff is tops.

Dennis P.

One of the rare trustworthy auto-repair shop. Walter is great.

Charles L.

Walter is not only a nice guy but goes out of his way to help everyone who comes in. As the other reviewers have said, he's got a trustworthy repair shop. They do it right, they save you money, and they get it done quickly, but always right the first time. He's never hesitated to come out and look at my car. If it's something I can do myself, he's been happy to get me the right part and a description of what needs to be done. He does the work that needs to be done and doesn't do what doesn't need doing. I can't say enough great things about Walter and Swedish Auto. They've been taking care of my old Volvo for 15 years. And they will be for the next 15+ years.

Mike L.

Swedish Auto is a great value. The no-frills location is a stark contrast to local Volvo dealers service centers, but I don't really want to be paying for a great waiting room. Walter (and Frank, up until his retirement) takes good care of you and your car. Walter, the manager makes sure you understand which repairs are needed and why and which repairs are preventative and can wait if needed.
Walter and the mechanics make this place a terrific value.

Karen W.

I got to say that I wish I would have known sooner about these guys, they are by far the best Volvo shop in the bay area. Walter was very honest with me on a recent repair, -- I had replaced the gas cap, a vacuum hose, and a purge valve previously but the engine check light was still on--they proceeded to perform a vacuum leak white smoke test, which was 40% cheaper than another place and found no issues. You will not believe how much I was quoted to fix the "vacuum leak" on my car from another "reputable" Volvo shop. My car passed the smog test with flying colors. If you want honest and reputable work with down-to-earth prices, look no further, Swedish auto service is your place. Thanks, Walter for all your work.

Galileo S.

Walter & his team really take good care of their customers. Good service, good price, good communication! It's nice that they are close to the Campbell VTA but they also offer drop-off/pick-up service. We've been very pleased w/ how well they've addressed the various issues on our C70.


These people are the best. Like many other reviewers here, I found Walter to be honest and knowledgeable on issues involving my aging Volvo S90. My highest recommendation is without qualification.

Bob B.

Awesome service!
I spoke with Walter over the phone before visiting the company about my '98 S70 that I decided to keep after the insurance company declared it totaled. I needed help in getting my car prepared to pass the certification
testing for salvaging so that I can retain my vehicle & re-register it, Walter noticed that I needed fluids in my car, checked all of my bulbs & fuses, and gave me a list of things that need to be repaired at some point in the near future & provided pricing. My blinkers had stopped working, he replaced the unit for the blinkers. (Prior to that I took my car to Smythe Volvo on Stevens' Creek, I was told that they could not tell if the blinker issue was electrical or not. Walter put the unit in to test it, I only paid for the unit, not the testing. I felt that Walter really cared about me as a consumer & he did not try to take advantage of me as a customer. I will return to have additional work done on my car. I'm done with Smythe after my visit to Swedish Auto Service!

L L.

Thanks to Swedish Auto we drive a flawless 2001 Volvo - now at 257,000 miles - that has had better than factory service since they began servicing the car at 89,000 miles. Walter, the service manager, is a gem. The experience and knowledge they bring to the work they do translates to trustworthy service and fair pricing.

P A L.

My family has been going here for our Volvos since 1988. First with Frank and now with Walter, you get the best car advice available without the upsell service pressure. The prices are fair on both parts and labor and their experienced mechanics are top-notch. They just do more for you. If my mom needs a bulb changed or something simple she just stops by and Walter will take care of it right now and for no charge. I work on cars myself a bit and one of their master mechanics actually let me borrow some of his service manual materials to get the job done right. They're just nice helpful people with tons of specialized Volvo experience. What more could you ask for really? A good source for original equipment parts too.

Steven P.

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