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San Jose Volvo Coolant Inspection

If you notice a greenish liquid frequently pooling underneath your Volvo, you have a coolant leak. Don’t allow chronic leaking and other cooling system issues to plague you for long. The team at Swedish Volvo Care has years of experience providing Volvo cooling inspections throughout the greater Bay area. You can expect friendly customer service and cutting-edge diagnostic testing when you bring your Volvo to our shop.

mechanic removing radiator cap

Cooling System Services

Engines need a working cooling system to function correctly and maintain a long lifespan. Issues like coolant leaks may not seem like a big deal, but a coolant deficit can cause severe or irreparable damage to your engine. Plus, do you really want to go through the hassle and expense of constantly refilling coolant yourself? Save time, money, and inconvenience by bringing your Volvo in for coolant system maintenance and inspection.

Coolant Service

Your Volvo may need a coolant flush if its heater isn't working correctly, steam rises from the radiator, or your engine grinds. Coolant is essential to regulating your component's temperatures. Our team will refill it to keep your parts in optimal condition.

Water Pumps

A functional water pump will efficiently circulate coolant through your engine. Common water pump issues include coolant leaks, erratic temperature readings, and overheated engines. We carefully replace old, broken water pumps and install new ones for your peace of mind.


Excessive or relentless engine overheating is the most common sign that your radiator is malfunctioning. Whether you need to fill the coolant or a total radiator replacement, our team is here to inspect the issue and determine the right service for you.


Pay attention to uneven temperature readings and check if your Volvo thermostat is covered in rust. If you notice these in high amounts, your thermostat most likely needs to be replaced. Our technicians will inspect it and make recommendations based on our findings.

Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses are often overlooked by vehicle owners, but they are crucial to keeping your engine cool and should be taken as seriously as other components. Our team will replace damaged and broken Volvo belts and hoses quickly to get you back on the road.

Comprehensive Coolant Inspections

Our independently operated shop inspects every coolant system component with pride. We focus exclusively on Volvo makes and models, meaning we know everything about the brand and can determine the services you need quickly after we inspect your vehicle. Trust us to deliver thorough services with the highest quality workmanship each time.

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